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Dear guests and friends of the house,
We would like to inform you that our Hotel & Restaurant will open soon.

Stay healthy!

Kind regards

Team Schloss Storkau

WWhich regions are on our focus?

We believe that excellent wines are produced in German-speaking countries and that it is not necessary at all, especially in the case of white wines, to travel far into the distance. Our regional priorities are therefore clearly Austria and Germany, here of course especially the Saale-Unstrut wines because of their regional proximity. However, we like to make an exception: Shiraz wines, especially from South Africa, with their strong structure and pronounced peppery notes, are an excellent match for our game dishes, which we buy from our own hunting here in Storkau. Which accents are we trying to set?
In the wine selection we focus on four preferred grape varieties: Riesling from Germany and Grüner Veltliner from Austria are prominently represented in the white grapes; the red dominates the Blaue Zweigelt from Austria and the already mentioned Shiraz from the Cape.
HHow do we choose our winemakers and wines? Every year we make our way to another wine-growing region and go there. At appointments at the winemakers on site, we let the local conditions such as locations and wine cellar show and learn the peculiarities of each winery. During the subsequent wine tasting we try to decide which drop suits us best.
OOne word to the escort. However, with all the fundamental considerations, there is one more thing to add: the most important thing for us is always that a wine tastes good. Therefore, you will find on our map also a lot that does not seem to fit into the concept. But maybe there is a special piece of jewelry hidden here?

DDear wine connoisseur, we would like to give you a brief insight into our wine philosophy. This is intended as a first orientation for you, in detail, of course, our service will help you with any questions. Your cellar spirits of Storkau Castle.

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